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Nightmarish screaming echoed up the secret staircase and into the church, grabbing everyone's attention and frightening them all closer together, even the thugs.
“Da fuck?” The large hoodie murmured. “Is that Tom?”
“I don't know, bruv.” The skinny one replied fearfully. “You think that goth bitch is doin’ that to him?”
“No way, man. She couldn't take Tom.”
The horrible screaming stopped. The fat thug edged his way to the stairs while the other stayed put. Chris, Mary and Clar were all frozen to the spot, too scared to move. They could feel it. Something unnatural was at the bottom of those stairs.
The thug came to the top of the steps and peered down into the darkness. “Tom.” He called down warily. “Tom, you alright, man?”
He was suddenly thrown aside as Priscilla barged past him, panting as though she had ran a marathon. Blood clung to her face and black dress, slowly dripping off her. She dived towards her friends nearly bowling them over like skittles.
“Guys, we've got to go.” She told them hysterically, but they didn't move. “C’mon, guys! We’ve got to go, there’s something down there.”
“Oi.” The large hoodie by the staircase shouted to her. “Would you mind tellin’ me what's goin- AAHHHH!” He screamed as something yanked him down into the dark and began to tear into him. The sickly noises of flesh being chomped and the gurgling of blood in the victim’s throat washed out into everyone's ears. As soon as he saw his comrade disappear the last thug darted for the door and ran away for all that life was worth.
“Guys! Guys! C’mon we've got to go! We've got to go!” Priscilla begged her friends yet still they didn't move. Priscilla tried to pull them with her, but found her feet weighed down, as though incased in cement. Her body became unresponsive, frozen to the spot. She didn't know what it was. Fear, care for her friends, or something else? Her voice had left her too. She couldn't speak. With nothing else she could do she looked up to find the creature standing atop the steps. A pale man with only a pair of rugged, ripped trousers on. His skin was pale and smooth like freshly fallen snow, practically white. His colourless hair was wild and messy as though he had only just climbed out of bed after a two hundred year long nap. The wounds he had in the coffin were completely gone. He was like a living Greek statue, defined muscles and a strong, masculine face, covered in blood.
Priscilla was entranced by him. She was afraid of him alright, he was covered in the blood of two people and literally radiated dread, but at the same time he had an alluring presence which demanded her attention.
“That last one was a bit too fatty for my taste.” He complained as he extended a long, red tongue from his mouth to lick the blood from his hands, revealing four long, sharp fangs in his mouth and black claws on his hands. “You four, on the other hand, look quite tasty.” He sauntered over to the teens, and as he did they were all forced to straighten up. He approached Priscilla first and she was immediately drawn in by his pale, hypnotic, hungry eyes. He used his index finger to lift her head to look up at him and smiled down at her. “Aren't you a beautiful young woman? I wonder how you taste.” Priscilla wanted to say something. Anything. Anything to stop him. She had to say something to save herself and her friends. She couldn't though, she couldn't even resist as he tilted her head to expose her neck to him. He watched her artery dance rhythmically and teasingly, sweet, sweet blood flowing through it, begging him to sink his teeth in. He leaned in with a wide open mouth grin, ready to sate his thirst.
“W-wait.” Priscilla finally managed to groan out. She was utterly in his power, but when she broke away from his eyes she regained a tiny part of herself and it was enough to say just that one word. The pale man stopped for a moment, then came away from her neck. He turned her head back to look at him, but she was sure to avoid eye contact lest she become mesmerised again.
“My my, you’re a strong one, aren't you? No one has ever managed to break away from my power, even a little bit. So, what am I waiting for? I assume you are about to beg me not to hurt you, to let you live, that you're an innocent person who doesn't deserve this?” He said dramatically as though he'd never heard of such a thing.
Priscilla felt her voice return to her as the pale man’s grasp on her loosened just slightly, but he wasn't willing to give her enough freedom to move her body.
“No, not beg. And I'm far from innocent.” She knew what was in front of her, but it couldn't be true. If he really was like the ones in the stories and films, then what was she? “I'm just wondering what kind of vampire kills his own kind?” She knew what she was. She was a vampire, she drank blood and she needed it. He was simply a different kind of vampire.
“Oh, is that what you think I am?” He said looking bewildered; a poker face.
“I know you are. I saw you in that coffin, and you didn't come to life until that stake was removed from your chest. You devoured those thugs’ blood. It screams vampire.”
“Hmm.” He smiled again. “I suppose I am. Though, I'm uncertain that you are.”
“I am.” Priscilla insisted scornfully. “I need human blood to function, I sleep all day and wander at night. I’m just a different kind of vampire, a living one.”
“Really?” He replied with interest. “In truth it's not the first time I've encountered your kind. Mortals who devour the blood of their kin for sustenance. O’lady Bathory, you were too beautiful for this world.” He said in a moment of nostalgia before quickly returning to the situation at hand. “Of course, it's like you said, little morsel, you're living. Bloodsucker or not you are still a mortal, and that means you're fair game. Now, I'm very thirsty. Shall, we get on with this?”
“I own you!” Priscilla blurted out as confidently as she could, but she was desperate and she had no idea what she just said.
“Oh?” He looked at her genuinely confused. “Would you mind explaining that one to me?”
“I own this church.” Priscilla told the pale man. “I bought it three days ago. The deed says that I own the church and the graveyard along with any other assets on the property at the time of purchase. That chamber you were in may have been under the church but it's still a part of the property. You, technically being a corpse and not human count as an asset. In short, I bought you.”
The pale man looked down at her, clearly not impressed. What was she thinking? How was that going to help her? She knew just how stupid it sounded and how nonexistent her logic behind it was.
“Hahahaha!” The pale man chuckled darkly. “That is possibly the funniest thing I've ever heard. You've got some real mettle, telling the man about to kill you that you are his master. Very bold of you, I like it. Tell me, why would you buy an old, derelict church anyway?”
“I wanted to fix it up and use it as the headquarters for my clan. A place for vampires like me to come to and become part of a larger family.”
“Interesting.” The pale man smiled as he dragged one of his sharp, black nails across Priscilla’s cheek, cutting her skin and making a small amount of her blood come out. He leant forward and licked the blood from the wound, savouring the taste. “I think I'm going to like you.” He said into her ear.
Priscilla slammed her eyes shut tightly, preparing herself for death.
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You knew it'd be a bloodsucking fiend of the night in that coffin, right? I should let you know that I love vampires in almost all their forms.
Anyway, what's going to happen to dear Priscilla and her friends? And what if this new figure who has emerged? Find out next time
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MuttMix Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You know how to keep an audience's attention.

/I especially liked the reference to Elizabeth Báthory.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I couldn't write a vampire story without some kind of wink to other vamps, whether they're real(ish) or fictional.
rjdubbya Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
another fantastic read!
you've got me hooked!
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, that's good to hear. I hope you enjoy the rest.
rjdubbya Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
no doubt i will!
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