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2041, Church District, Umbranfield, England

A cold breeze blew through the streets of Umbranfield as grey clouds hovered in the sky, threatening rain but thankfully not delivering. A sudden rush of wind blew the skirt and loose clothes of the four darkly dressed people standing outside of the old Saint Vance Church, staring up at the crumbling structure. Despite, the fact that its gothic architecture of gargoyles and intricate design was fully in keeping with the general theme of the Church District, it was by far the oldest building in Umbranfield, or at least that's what the local historian had told the young group. Supposedly, it was once a monastery, but had become engulfed in the city overtime and was now abandoned and neglected. Only the church remained
“Why are we here, Priscilla?” Chris asked as he shuddered, evidently regretting his choice of clothes. A loose, black shirt and ripped jeans weren't exactly the warmest attire for the cold weather.
“Because,” Priscilla smiled, revealing her clip-in fangs, “I own it now!” The nineteen year old sanguinarian spun around to face her friends and spread her arms in a grand display.
The three other pale teens’ jaws dropped at her announcement. “And how on earth did you afford it?” The elegantly dressed Mary asked skeptically after recovering from the shock, quickly taking the time to pat out the crinkles from her Victorian style dress.
“Never you mind that.” Priscilla waved dismissively. “All you need to know is that it's ours now, including the old graveyard in the back. We can finally form our own clan. Clar can help with making the website and flyers.”
The young psychic vampire nodded from under the hood of her bat hoodie. At fifteen years old, Clar was the youngest of the group, though took the vampire subculture quite seriously with the exception of the hoodie. “I'll get on it tonight.” She yawned.
“C’mon.” Priscilla waved for her fellow vampires to follow her. “I bought it three days ago, but I've been waiting for us all to be together before I looked inside.” Together they ascended the stairs up towards the church. Priscilla took a key from her pocket and slid it into the lock and turned it. The old tumblers clicked into place creakily and Priscilla pushed on the heavy oak door. The door wouldn't give way, fighting back as though to prevent her from entering. It took all four of the teens to finally force their way inside.

The interior had blankets of dust on every surface, and was surprisingly sparse in terms of furniture. Only a few pews remained. Light shone through the somehow still intact stain glass windows, spreading coloured light over the floor. The roof was also fine, aside from astounding number of cobwebs in the rafters.
“What a shit hole.” Mary exclaimed.
“I'd call it a fixer upper myself.” Priscilla quickly defended the rundown church. “It's in surprisingly good condition considering how old it is.” The girl took out her mobile phone from her handbag and shone its torch about the room. The worship area was fairly large, seemingly larger from the lack of décor. The whole room had been stripped of anything valuable a long time ago. The only signs of religion were the pews, windows and a bare stone alter atop a pointlessly small flight of steps. Doors along the walls must have led to even more rooms, which could be converted into bedrooms or feeding rooms.
“So then,” Mary began as she wiped a sizeable amount of dust off one pf the pews, “you want to start your own clan? Assuming you manage to get this place refurbished, and get a website set up and flyers about, how will you handle The Order? I doubt Ambrosia will want a rival clan in Umbranfield, and how do you think she'll react when she finds out you've bought an actual church for our lair?”
“I'll handle Ambrosia, don't worry.” Priscilla tried to calm Mary.
“I'm worried. Umbranfield vampires aren't like the ones in other cities. You've seen how The Order handles those werewolf freaks. They're like football hooligans.”

While Priscilla and Mary argued Clar and Chris looked around the church some more. As a donor Chris didn't want to come between the two sanguinarian, both of which he should be subservient to, and as their friend he didn't want to take a side. Clar was used to this behaviour from Mary and Priscilla, so didn't think anything of it. They argued a lot, but they were best friends.

With the argument growing louder none of the vampires heard the church door open, nor see the three hooded figures enter.
“Just tell me where you even got the money for this place?” Mary growled.
“For the last time, you don't need to worry about that!” Priscilla screamed at the top of her lungs.
“Alright, calm down, love.” A new voice chimed in. At the door the three young thugs had been watching the argument with crooked grins.
“Shit.” Priscilla exclaimed.
“She’s right, y’know. Ain't nothin’ you need to worry ‘bout.” The three thugs stalked closer like hyenas. The lanky one led the other two, one fat and short, the other just as skinny as the leader but far shorter. Each was dressed in grey hoodies and an obscene amount of ‘gold’ jewellery.
“What do you want, Tom?” Priscilla asked the lanky one.
“A snog wouldn't go amiss, but it ain't about what I want. Julius T is expectin’ a repayment today.”
“You borrowed money from Julius T!” Mary stared at Priscilla in horror, but Priscilla ignored her.
“It's only been three days.” She told Julius’s henchman.
“Not my problem.” Tom said. “Do you have the money or not?”
“Well, that's a shame innit? Looks like I'm goin’ to have to teach you a lesson, ain't I?” The grey hyena grinned even wider.
“Leave her alone.” Chris jumped in, but as soon as he did the fat hoodie’s fist flew into his gut and completely winded the thin boy sending him retching on his hands and knees.
“Fuck off, faggot.” The fat one told him.
Tom moved uncomfortably close to Priscilla. “’Course I don't have to do that, if you do somethin’ for me.” He moved in for a kiss, only to be greeted my a face full of spit as Priscilla spat in his face. “You fuckin’ bitch!” Tom shouted in her face, grabbing her and throwing her into the wall.
Priscilla grunted in pain as she collided with the hard stone. A jutting out brick dug into her back. As the sanguinarian vampire slid down the wall a grinding sound filled the room as stone dragged on stone. Everyone, even the winded Priscilla and Chris turned to face the source of the horrid screeching noise. The raised platform with the stone alter was steadily opening up to reveal a dark staircase descending down into the bowls of the earth. Priscilla must have hit some kind of button.
“What da fuck?” One of the chavs whispered to themselves.
“What's this you've been hidin’ from me?” Tom asked Priscilla accusingly.
“I have no idea what that is.” Priscilla told him truthfully. She didn’t know about a secret staircase below the church.
“Well then. Let's go explorin.’” Tom grabbed hold of Priscilla’s black hair and pulled her up. “You two, keep an eye on these freaks. Priscilla and I are gonna go adventurin.’”
As Tom dragged Pricilla with him down the staircase Tom’s lackeys turned to the shivering trio, Clar now clinging to Mary fearfully.

Priscilla and her capture cautiously descended the steep steps, careful not to trip and fall all the way down. Priscilla lit the way with her mobile phone. She didn't know what she was more afraid of, what was at the bottom, what Tom would do to her, or what Julius T would do to her after. She expected to have some more time to raise the money to pay back one of Umbranfield’s most notorious crime lords. She should have known better than to take a loan from a criminal. She should have just been content with The Order’s rules and extortionate member’s fee.
After what seemed like an eternity of stumbling the two finally reached the bottom of the stairs, which led into a large, empty chamber, save a sarcophagus in the centre and four wall mounted torches in the corners. Tom took out his lighter and lit them. They burned quite well, despite the fact that the torches were probably ancient. The room lit up in orange light, revealing walls covered in crosses and Latin script. The sarcophagus was decorated in the same manner, if even more intensely. The air around it was cold and heavy. It felt off. As though afraid of it himself Tom shoved Priscilla towards it.
“Open it.” Tom ordered.
“I-I don't want to.” Priscilla stuttered in fear.
“Open. It.”
Reluctantly, the young vampire strenuously pushed the lid off the stone sarcophagus. Inside something sparkled brightly in the light. Silver. A silver coffin was inside the sarcophagus. If that was solid silver it would be worth more than enough to pay back Julius T. Still though, Priscilla felt a great forbidding from the situation. A hidden chamber, crosses everywhere and a silver coffin. What was going on?
“Holy shit!” Tom gasped and his eyes went wide at the sight of the treasure. “Open it.” He ordered her again.
“I can't.”
“Open it!”
“I-I can't, it has a lock on the front.”
“Here.” Tom reached into his pockets and pulled out a lock picking set.
“Damn it.” Priscilla thought to herself as she took the set. “You know it's probably just a dead body in there, right?” She asked the thug and gulped.
“Yes, an’ it's probably covered in jewels if it can afford a silver coffin and a private tomb. Now stop stalling and OPEN THE DAMN THING!” Tom demanded as he pulled a switchblade out from his pocket.
“Fine, fine.” She turned back to the coffin and began to pick the lock in the centre of the lid. Despite being her first time Priscilla quickly picked the old, obsolete lock. Clicking signalled the tumblers falling into place, and a rising fear in the girl’s heart, all was left for her to do was release the latches on the sides, which she did awkwardly. Priscilla tried with all her might to shift the lid, but her thin arms weren't strong enough to even slightly budge the solid silver. Tom came round to help her, though his ‘muscles’ were hardly impressive, but with a great amount of strain from the two they managed to lift the lid off the casket.
The sight of the corpse made the two now grave robbers recoil in horror. Priscilla had only caught a glimpse of the corpse, but it looked fresh. Fresh as though it had only been buried that very day. Tom walked back to the corpse to inspect it further, but Priscilla crept away. This could be her chance to escape. With slight curiosity though she glanced back at the coffin. She couldn't see the body completely, but she could see it was pale. Unnaturally pale, practically white. Silver stakes had been driven through each limb and through its chest. Tom was still absorbed in the discovery that he hadn't noticed Priscilla moving towards the stairs. If she was quick enough she might be able to rush up the stairs and lock Tom in, giving her enough time to call the police. She managed to get up the first few steps before something grabbed her hair and yanked her down, throwing her to the ground.
“Uh, uh, uh.” Tom said over her. “Where'd you think your goin,’ vampire freak? Can't ‘ave you runnin’ off and ruinin’ this opportunity for me. This is my ticket to riches, and I won't ‘ave you cashin’ in on it aswell.” Tom walked over to the corpse and pulled the stake out of its chest, then came back to Priscilla with it grasped cruelly in his hand. “Look on the bright side. Least you'll die like a vampire, freak.”
The torches sudden blew out, plunging the room into pitch darkness. Something warm spattered on Priscilla’s face as her capture screamed and his flesh was wrenched apart.
Priscilla scrambled to her feet and ran up the stairs. She ignored the screams and cries that chased her and just kept climbing the stairs with one thought running though her mind. Escape.
Next part:…
Previous part:…

Forgive me if my writing here isn't that good. I'm not used to writing in third person.
I've also taken a few creative liberties with the vampire subculture here, as I will with many others. You'll soon learn that Umbranfield is a strange city.
Let me know what you guy's think. :)
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Melancholita Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016   Traditional Artist
Pretty enjoyable! But I wouldn't have expected differently from you.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. It's a little different from what I'm used to doing. Third person feels... weird.
MuttMix Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm really digging the setting.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you like it. :) We'll get to explore more of Umbranfield as the story progresses.
rjdubbya Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
what a cliffhanger! excellent work, i will keep reading these for sure!
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy to hear you're enjoying it.
rjdubbya Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
most definitely!
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