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Carfax, Part 8: Seeker
The mesmerising tune rang out from the piano as the pale devil continued to dance his fingers across the piano keys. The serene, harmonic song enthralled the teens, and that scared Mary. Every action Ruthven took drew them further into him, every word he said they believed. He couldn't be trusted, not if he had that kind of power over them. The tune finished lightly, allowing itself to linger in their minds.
“Ruthven,” Priscilla said, “that was amazing. Our clan is going to be the best ever.”
“That it will.” Ruthven grinned.
“Yeah.” Mary mumbled. “I hope it goes well for you, and thanks for the gifts, but I don't think I can be a part of this.”
Priscilla became confused. “Huh?”
“I'll see you guys around.” Mary put down the dress and began to leave.
“Wait, Mary!” Priscilla called and ran after her friend, but Mary didn't stop. “Wait.” Priscilla grabbed ahold of Mary and span her a
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Carfax, Part 7: Multitalented
The four gloomy teens waited inside the dilapidated church. Chris and Clar sat huddled on the steps, holding on closely to each other for comfort. Mary leaned against the wall by the doorway, while Priscilla sat cross legged on the floor, seemingly mediating on what she had gotten herself and her friends into.
Silence blanketed the building like a thick, suffocating fog, and there was no sign of it lifting anytime soon. They just waited and contemplated what had happened.
No doubt the four of them just wanted to leave and run away from the problem, but Priscilla felt that would only make things worse. Better to wait and see what her new monster servant would do when he returned.
It was Mary who finally lifted the fog. “What are we still doing here?” She demanded. “We should have ran the moment that freak left to get killed by Julius T.”
“And what about Julius, huh? When he finds out it was you who sent that guy to him he's going t
:icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 3 7
SIST3R MAD HATT3R's masterpiece :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 5 5
Mature content
Carfax, Part 6: Erase :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 2 7
MeltDown :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 3
Carfax, Part 5: Cards
Market District, Umbranfield, England
Despite the miserable weather the Market District was alive with noise, sights and smells. Every sense that could be tantalised was being tantalised. Among the lively music of street performers customers and merchants bartered and haggled their goods, both in stores and at stands. Products of every conceivable nature were on sale be they homemade or mass produced. Clothes, toys, souvenirs and pretty much anything imaginable was on sale. Aromas from foods both local and exotic filled the air like a thick fog of delicious smell as burgers, noodles, curries and baked goods all sizzled and cooked in their own unique ways.
Alexander didn't notice any of this. He had come to the Market District almost as soon as the woman in the robes, who he had dubbed the Seer, had left, leaving him confused and with a small deck of tarot cards. Everything she had told him about his ancestors and the purpose of his clan sounded completely insane. Even still he felt in
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Mature content
Halloween Jack :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 7 6
Mature content
Carfax, Part 4: Knight :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 2 14
The Claw (Fan art) :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 7 6
Carfax, Part 3: Inheritance
Gypsy camp, Umbranfield outskirts, England
Grey clouds lingered in the sky above the gypsy camp out on the outskirts of Umbranfield, mirroring the somber moods of the would be travellers. It was always cloudy in Umbranfield though, few could remember the last time they saw the sun, but today the sky seemed darker than usual.
Everyone, mostly gypsies and a few town residents, were gathered around a flower covered caravan, mourning the passing of the clan leader. His body rested inside the caravan, along with many of his personal possessions. Those that wouldn't fit were neatly piled up around it, along with flower displays shaped like the many passions of the clan leader, all doused in oil and surrounded by pyre wood. In the for front of the crowd stood the weeping wife of the clan leader, and his only son, Alexander, who, after the conclusion of the funeral, would assume the role of clan leader. Alexander approached the pyre, lighting a match and throwing it into the pyre, thus initiat
:icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 13
Mature content
Carfax, Part 2: Alabaster :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 5
Olympus City Flag :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 1 5
Mature content
Carfax, Part 1: Awakening :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 7
ATOM BOMB ENERGY DRINK LOGO :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 3 4
Carfax: Prologue
1843, Somewhere outside of Umbranfield, England
The silver coffin weighed heavily on the priests’ shoulders, crushing their bones and grinding on their flesh through their garbs as they steadily descended the crooked stairs down into the musky black, mumbling prayers and begging the Lord that they not faultier and fail in their duty to lock away the monster confined in that silver coffin. Too many good men had died to defeat the beast. Too many women fallen victim to its vile bloodlust. So the priests endured, descending the stairs under the monastery.
The gypsy stone masons had spent a great deal of time to clear the way and cut away the chamber which would be the monster’s prison and tomb. The leader of the gypsies and their wise woman had insisted that they come too, to bury the inhabitant of the silver coffin. The gypsy leader, a large man with a beard down to his belly led the way down into the earth, lighting the way with a flaming torch, sure not to catch his beard a
:icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 13
Mature content
The Envelope, Final :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 13

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Hellbent To Never Let The Other Go
Eyes black as coal.
What is it about me
that makes you feel safe?
I'm not your superhero
still you get comfortable
under my cape.
You look like a child
with his favourite blanket.
Innocence doesn't exist
you're like a delicacy in a banquet-
this world will eat you alive.
Freedom is what you crave.
But I'm okay living in this cave.
Don't try to drag me outside.
One day you'll get us killed
and the only thing left for you
is your pride.
Hear the cavalry drum.
Downfall of kingdom come.
Hear the enemies' cheer.
My heart monitor shows a flat line.
Last words I hear is the doctor say 'clear!'
you won't lose me this time.
I've stayed strong for too long.
Why won't you let me die?!
Use all my strength
to slap you across the face.
They're closing in
you can't conquer them all!
There's no time to waste!
Don't you hear the cavalry drum?
This is the downfall of our kingdom come.
The flag changes colours.
My red lipstick
and the blood on your lips
Your castle of stained glass
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The mesmerising tune rang out from the piano as the pale devil continued to dance his fingers across the piano keys. The serene, harmonic song enthralled the teens, and that scared Mary. Every action Ruthven took drew them further into him, every word he said they believed. He couldn't be trusted, not if he had that kind of power over them. The tune finished lightly, allowing itself to linger in their minds.
“Ruthven,” Priscilla said, “that was amazing. Our clan is going to be the best ever.”
“That it will.” Ruthven grinned.
“Yeah.” Mary mumbled. “I hope it goes well for you, and thanks for the gifts, but I don't think I can be a part of this.”
Priscilla became confused. “Huh?”
“I'll see you guys around.” Mary put down the dress and began to leave.
“Wait, Mary!” Priscilla called and ran after her friend, but Mary didn't stop. “Wait.” Priscilla grabbed ahold of Mary and span her around. “Where are you going?”
“Pri, I can't be apart of this. This place, the idea, Ruthven. It's not right. And what about the Order, and the Pack? They're not just going to stand by and let you do this. I've already told you they're like street gangs.”
“I know Mary, we were both members of the Order, which is why I need you. When the shit hits the fan and the fighting starts I'm going to need you by my side.”
“The fighting?” Mary turned cold. “I'm not going back to that.”
“Wait, no that's not wha…”
“I stopped being like that for a reason and I'm not going back to it for anyone, not even for you!” Fire lit up in Mary’s eyes. “Get off me!” Mary pulled away from Priscilla.
“Wait, Mary that's not what I meant.” But Mary ignored her, bursting through the door and slamming it behind her. “I'm such an idiot.”

Misery and anger hung over Mary like the grey clouds, perpetual and unyielding. In her anger at Priscilla and Ruthven she had almost forgotten that day was the day. She picked up some hyacinths at a florist and took them with her to the cemetery. There the clouds were at their darkest and most somber. Mary passed by broken and bramble covered gravestones and markers, the soft hum of crying perpetuating the air as funerals and burials proceeded.
In a town like Umbranfield, there was usually a funeral taking place nearly everyday. It was a surprise that anyone even lived in the city, but something drew them in and forced them to stay even when they fought and scrambled to leave. The twisted city had a dark charm to it.
Mary continued to wander among the graves with one in mind. She had already memorised the shortest route. When she found the grave she knelt down and placed the flowers gently in front of the grave stone and cleaned away the now dead flowers from last month before getting back up.
“I'm sorry.” She whispered to the grave again and closed her eyes, hoping for an answer as her memories skulked within her.
“Did you know them well?” A voice asked from behind her.
Her heart stopped for a moment and Mary jumped away from the voice, clutching her chest. It was Ruthven.
“When the bloody hell did you get here?” She asked after catching her breath.
“Just now.” Ruthven kneeled down and inspected the grave stone. ‘Suchon Asif, 2025-2039, lost to street violence but forever kept in our hearts.’
“So, did you know them well?” Ruthven asked again.
“No, not really.” Mary replied plainly.
“It's a long story.”
“I don't know if you've noticed,” Ruthven said as he stood up, “but I'm not exactly short on time, though I suspect it's less a matter of it being a long story and more you not wanting to tell it. I won't make you tell me.” Ruthven smiled at the grave. “I do hope they have found peace.”
There was something strangely genuine about the way he said that, but for Mary, you could never know what the manipulative monster was thinking. “Why are you here?”
“To convince you to come back, of course. Priscilla would have come herself but I thought it best that I speak to you instead.”
“I'm sorry, but I'm not going back, I…”
“Don't trust me?” Ruthven interrupted.
“No, I… er.”
“Don't worry about it. It's a perfectly understandable response. Besides, I wouldn't trust me either.” Ruthven smiled.
“I just don't know why you're helping Priscilla. Why you would be putting in all this effort for no reward. You can't be.
“I would be lying to you if I said I didn't have my own reasons for helping Priscilla.”
“So tell me what they are.”
Ruthven smiled coyly. “I'm afraid I can't tell you, at least, not at the moment.”
Mary didn't hide her disappointment, but at the same time it wasn't unexpected. “Well, it's not just you I'm worried. The rest of the vampires around the world, they don't fight like we do in Umbranfield. Before the Order took control there were constant territory disputes. And it's not just the Order, it's the Pack.”
“The Pack?” Ruthven asked.
“The Pack are werewolf wannabes. Savages that hang around the abandoned Bloodlocke Brewery. I don't know what it is but they must have split personalities. Every full moon they start howling like flipping maniacs and attacking people. The Order were the only ones willing to beat those mutts into submission every full moon. Some even think they're cannibals.
“They are who I'm worried about. The Order won't kill us, it's not they're way. But they will harass us and attack anyone stupid enough to join us. The Pack will probably see us as easy prey. I just don't want to be they're when it all kicks off. I don't want to fight.”
Ruthven had been listening carefully to Mary, to the words she spoke and the somber, regretful tone. “Priscilla doesn't want you to fight.”
Mary looked up at him with bewilderment.
“She told me that you used to fight for the Order. You weren't the strongest, or the fastest, but you were the most ferocious, but then you stopped. You didn't want to be ‘Bloody Mary’ anymore. She didn't say why. She doesn't need to.
“She doesn't want you to do that. She wants your support. To be there to stand at her side and help keep things together when it goes south.”
“She… just wants me there?” Mary asked.
“Yes. You are her best friend after all.” A guilty lump grew in Mary’s chest as Ruthven said that. “My motives maybe secret, but just know that I will do my utmost not to let any harm come to Priscilla, you, or your friends.”
“You promise that?”
“I promise.” He smiled. Crossing his un-beating heart.
Mary smiled slightly. “Y’know, for some reason I actually trust you now. Maybe it's because I know you do have an ulterior motive, strange huh?”
“Just a little.”
“Tell Priscilla I'll be back soon. I just need some time alone here.”
“I understand.” Ruthven turned around to leave. “Seeker of Forgiveness.” He said after just a few steps.
“That's what Suchon’s name means. Though I suppose that title applies more to you than him. I do hope you find that forgiveness, Mary. If not from him, then from yourself.”
And with a confused blink of her eye, Ruthven was gone.
Mary looked back at the grave, her past sins crawling up her spine. “How?”

Priscilla paced the room worriedly. “Are you sure she's coming back?”
“Yes, Priscilla she just needs some time to herself.” Ruthven replied as he lounged on one of the sofas while Clar showed him how a phone worked. “Just sit down and relax.”
“She told me she'd stopped visiting the grave.” Priscilla continued to pace. “She said it didn't bother her any more.”
Chris got up and went over to Priscilla and held her by her shoulders to stop her pacing and get her scattered attention. “Pri, it's going to be alright,” the red headed boy reassured her. “When has Mary ever abandoned you?”
“Never, but…”
“But nothing. Even if you hadn't convinced her to come here today she would have burst through the door behind us as soon as we arrived because she cares about you. She just needs some time to get her thoughts together.”
Priscilla sighed. “You're right, Chris. I just worry y’know. I don't know what I would do without her.”
“Maybe a drink will calm you down.” Chris suggested.
“Are you sure? You know what happened last time.” Priscilla worried, despite the sudden gnawing feeling in the back of her head.
“I'll be fine.” Chris took out his switchblade and sliced the palm of his hand with it. He didn't even wince as he added a new scar to his palm. Blood seeped out and he offered his hand to Priscilla. The gnawing came to the forefront of her mind and she fell upon the crimson delight, snatching his hand and lapping at Chris’s blood.
“So Chris feeds all of you?” Ruthven asked Clar as he watched the spectacle with interest.
“Yeah. He's our donor. He gives his blood and life force to us willingly. Technically, his an equal to us, but donors are expected to do what they're vampire tells them.” Clar went on to explain modern vampirism to the old bloodsucker. Clar, like the others, was fully aware of what Ruthven was. None of them seem to mind anymore.
At this point Priscilla had finished licking at the blood and was now sucking it out of Chris’s wound. The boy had begun to grimace at the pain as he began to feel dizzy. “That's enough.” Chris said weakly. The dizziness was getting worse. “That's enough!” He yanked his arm away from Priscilla. The vampire girl breathed heavily as she caught her breathe after that feast. “Chris, I'm so sorry. I told you I shouldn't have.”
“It's fine.” Chris said, clutching his hand. He went over to Clar, who had already pulled her first aid kit from her bag and began to wrap Chris’s cut. Ruthven approached Priscilla as she wiped the blood from her face and handed her a handkerchief to help, which she thanked him for.
“I had no idea you were so bloodthirsty.” He grinned.
“Well, nothing beats fresh.” She smiled with embarrassment. “I just wish I didn't get so carried away every time.” Priscilla looked up at Ruthven. His smile grew somewhat more… sinister with that information. Ruthven suddenly turned his head to the door as though expecting something. A moment later the door creaked open.
“Mary!” Priscilla called in excitement but was disappointed to see a man with a beard enter.
“Oh, I thought this place was abandoned.” He said as he entered without concern. Priscilla recognised him. He was one of those gypsies that lived outside of the city. The leader’s son if she remembered correctly.
“I came into ownership recently.” She informed him. “You're one of those gypsies right?”
“Yeah, I'm Alexander.” He replied as he adjusted his coat, a sudden chill rushing through him as he noticed the pale man’s cold eyes upon him.
“I'm Priscilla.” She extended her hand, and smiled a fanged smile. Alexander took her hand and shook. “Just wondering, if you thought this place was abandoned, then why are you here?”
“Well, my father used to talk about this place. Said our ancestors helped build it.” Alexander said as he looked about. As he did he noticed a large linear line running up the steps, as though they were meant to open. “Since he passed yesterday I've been interested in our history.” He noticed an intense sense of fascination and repulsion in the pale man, just as the woman in blue had described.
“I'm sorry to hear you lost him.” Priscilla gave her condolences. “I'm afraid the church has changed a bit since we arrived.
“I can see that.” Alexander smiled uncomfortable, the cold becoming freezing. “I'll get going now, I just wanted to stop by while on some errands.”
The door opened and Mary came in. Alexander stepped past her and left quickly. “Who was that?” Mary asked.
“Just one of those gypsies.” Priscilla told her. It was now that she noticed the intense glare on Ruthven’s face, staring at the door as though he was still watching the gypsy. “You okay?” She asked him.
“Hmm? Oh, yes.” He snapped out of his trance and the grin returned to his face. “I simply found his manner quite disagreeable.”
“Right. Well, anyway, it's good to see you back Mary!” Priscilla smiled at her friend. “Does this mean you'll stay?”
“Yes, I'm staying. Ruthven said you don't want me to fight.” Mary replied with her own smile.
“I don't. Oh, this is so great.” Priscilla embraced her friend. “I knew you'd come through for me.”
“Yeah, you need someone to keep you in line and calm when things go to hell. So, what's the name of our clan?” Mary asked.
Priscilla’s mind went blank. “Name?”
Carfax, Part 8: Seeker
Next Part: Coming Soon
Previous Part:…

Haha! No long wait this time. Can I keep it going? Probably not.
So, the King of Swords meets the Queen of Wands and the Devil at last. I wonder how things will turn out.
 Just a few things I want to talk about and address. 
Firstly, I got Suchon Asif's name from the German words 'Sucher Von,' translating as 'Seeker of,' or more accurately 'Searcher of.' And Asif is an Arabic name meaning Forgiveness. I apologise to any German readers if I screwed up that name or translation. I know at least one of my frequent readers is German.
Secondly, if you feel like drinking blood or joining the vampire subculture, please don't drink blood from a blood pack like Priscilla did in the last part. The plasma they use to preserve the blood will kill you.
Thirdly, I was wondering if anyone wanted to contribute by suggesting names for Priscilla's clan.
Lastly, I still have three factions to introduce, so, out of the Order and the Pack, which one do you want to see next?
The four gloomy teens waited inside the dilapidated church. Chris and Clar sat huddled on the steps, holding on closely to each other for comfort. Mary leaned against the wall by the doorway, while Priscilla sat cross legged on the floor, seemingly mediating on what she had gotten herself and her friends into.
Silence blanketed the building like a thick, suffocating fog, and there was no sign of it lifting anytime soon. They just waited and contemplated what had happened.
No doubt the four of them just wanted to leave and run away from the problem, but Priscilla felt that would only make things worse. Better to wait and see what her new monster servant would do when he returned.
It was Mary who finally lifted the fog. “What are we still doing here?” She demanded. “We should have ran the moment that freak left to get killed by Julius T.”
“And what about Julius, huh? When he finds out it was you who sent that guy to him he's going to have us killed too.”
“And even if that Ruthven guy is successful, and gets Julius to leave you alone, what makes you think he'll…”
“Mary!” Priscilla jumped up and shouted. “For fuck sake, can you shut up? You're scaring Clar.” Priscilla gestured to the young girl quivering in Chris’s arms. “We’ll be fine. Ruthven is going to convince Julius to erase my debt, and then he's going to do whatever I tell him to. If he wanted us dead he would have killed when he woke up.” Priscilla explained to her worried friend, her harsh voice gradually softening. “Now, can we just wait here for him quietly?”
Mary grudgingly held her tongue and so the fog descended once again. The two girls reassumed their previous positions, silently waiting.
It didn't make any sense to Priscilla. Ruthven could have killed her and claimed his freedom, but instead he let her live, and even pledged his service to her. Why would he have done that?
“What are we going to do with the bodies?” Mary piped up again.
“For god’s sake, I… I don’t know. I'll have Ruthven get rid of him.”
“What the hell even is he?” Mary asked rhetorically.
Priscilla was pondering that very question. She had already told Mary what he was, though she didn't seem to believe her. Was he really it? The genuine article? If he was then this opened a whole world of possibilities for her. Perhaps she could get him to…? Maybe?
The door to the church opened and a tall, pale figure entered. Ruthven. Back not even an hour after leaving, when it should have taken at least two hours to get to Julius T’s estate and back even if he sprinted.
“Your debt is erased.” Ruthven announced.
“That was quick.” Priscilla exclaimed. “Oh, and thanks.”
“Think nothing of it. It was a trivial task. I would have been back quicker if that boy hadn't been so slow. And don't worry, he's been taken care off.”
“That's great and all, but what are we going to do about the, y’know, bodies?” Mary jumped in.
“You needn't worry about that. I will ensure that they are never found.” Ruthven reassured her.
“Good, good.” Priscilla said. “We can't have anyone finding out what happened here.”
Ruthven noticed the young man and the girl huddled on the steps and how the girl was shivering. He wandered over to them and knelt down. “I do sincerely apologise if I scared you.” He smiled kindly. “I haven't made the best first impression, have I?” He said embarrassedly. The way he spoke drew Chris’s and Clar’s eyes to him, and the way he smiled made them smile. “I will endeavour to make up for it.” He told them and stood up. “Perhaps you four should return home and get some rest. I'm sure it's been a very stressful day for you all. But please, do come back tomorrow. I'd like to get know my new mistress and her friends.”
“That sounds like a good idea.” Priscilla agreed. “Come on, guys. Let's go.”
The four all approached the door and opened it, just about to leave.
“Oh, just one more thing.” Ruthven interrupted. The four vampires froze to the spot and their heads slowly creaked around. “I trust none of you will telling anyone what happened here today, anyone at all.” Ruthven grinned a blood chilling grin. How could he go from charming to creepy so easily?

When Priscilla arrived home she was greeted by an empty house. With a father who worked the night shift at the North Umbranfield Hospital and slept all day, and a mother who worked all the way in Ravenwatch Priscilla was used to practically living alone.
Priscilla kicked off her boots and made her way up the stairs to her room, which was decorated suitably with a mix of modern punk posters and Victorian style furniture. Priscilla immediately flopped on to her soft, welcoming bed. The adrenaline that had kept her going all day began to seep from her body and her strength deflated. It didn't take long for Priscilla to fall asleep and dream of Umbranfield’s rising Queen of the Vampires, Priscilla Thorbay.

A deep growl disturbed Priscilla from her sleep, making her tremble. What was that? Her eyes darted about her room, inspecting the shadows. The creature grumbled again… Priscilla’s stomach grumbled. What an idiot she felt. She hadn't eaten since yesterday and felt ravished.
Priscilla hungrily stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen to prepare herself a mighty breakfast, a full English breakfast, along with her favourite beverage: blood.
Inside the refrigerator Priscilla found her shelf stacked with blood packs from the hospital where her father worked. Her father would often sneak some out for her, insisting that if she must drink blood for the ‘lifestyle,’ she had chosen, it could at least be blood that he knew was disease free. As Priscilla ripped open the pack and squeezed its juicy contents into her favourite mug to be heated the sweet scent tantalised her nostrils, bringing with it memories of yesterday. Ruthven. Priscilla wasn't sure if her heart shrank at his name, or grew with excitement. He wanted to see them all again. Priscilla sighed and checked the clock on the counter. 10 am, yet it was still reasonably dark out, as usual. It was hard for Priscilla to maintain a nocturnal routine when she had never seen the sun. She had seen it in pictures and in movies, but never with her own two eyes. While many would want to Priscilla never found herself wanting for the sight. She had bigger fish to fry anyway and she knew better than to cross Ruthven by ignoring his request. The question was of if she could get the others to come. Clar and Chris would be easy enough to convince, it was Mary who was the problem. She had always been stubborn, even when they were little, but Priscilla could persuade her to come with the right words and gestures.
Priscilla quickly finished her meal, then left for the church, picking up her friends as she went.

“No.” Mary refused as soon as she answered the door to Priscilla.
“I haven't even said anything yet.” Priscilla replied, hurt.
“I know what you're going to say though.” Mary told her as she tightened the belt around her bath robe.
“You're going to ask me to go with you to see that bloody murderer.” She accused. Priscilla had dragged Mary into a lot of bad situations over the years, but this one was by far the worst. “What are they doing here?” Mary indicated to Chris and Clar who were stood down by the gate leading up to her house. They both waved nervously at her, and Mary did a small wave back. “You're dragging them into your mess too?”
“They wanted to come.” Priscilla told her.
“Bullshit. The only reason they are going with you is because you fed them some piece of crap line about them needing to go.”
“We all need to go. Ruthven asked for us all to go, and I think we'd better do as he asks.”
“But he only cares if you go.” Mary knew full well that Ruthven couldn't care less about the rest of them. It was Priscilla he wanted. “You go. Go and fix your own bloody mess.”
“You'd just… let me put myself in danger?” Priscilla's lip trembled and her eyes grew watery. It was like that moment in a cartoon when a character pretends to be sad to get their own way. Priscilla had done the same, over the top routine to Mary since they first met, and it worked every time. Not this time though. Mary wasn't going to fall for it again. Priscilla would be fine, Ruthven wouldn't hurt her… would he? Could Mary really just throw her friend to the wolves like that?
“Uhh… fine.” Mary moaned.
For added affect Priscilla threw her arms around her friend and sniffled, “thank you.”
“Get off me.”

The whole way to the church the only thought going through Mary’s head was, ‘this is a stupid idea.’ She had that thought from the moment Priscilla took them to the church the first time. It was bad enough that Priscilla had gotten them kicked out of the Order, then decided to start her own clan. But this? This could only end in disaster.
They all noticed a strange difference about the church when they arrived, but none of them could quite put their finger on what had changed. They all approached the door, their hearts almost all beating in sync, and entered the church. The sight that confronted them left their jaws hanging like wind chimes.
“Welcome home.” Ruthven greeted them with a broad grin. There he stood, dressed in a brand new outfit that looked like something between punk and posh, in what looked like a completely different church. The church was fully furnished and decorated with luxury black wood tables and chairs, red leather cushions and sofas and silver candle holders and sconces, all welcoming the teens to sit down and relax. The dull grey walls and pillars were darker, yet more vibrant, with ghastly gargoyles and skulls, and beautiful cherubs and angels adorning the walls and smiling down at the vampires. The Christian stained glass windows had been replaced with ones darker in both theme and appearance. Mary even recognised some of the images, like Elizabeth Báthory’s portrait. The last, most notable change was the piano sat below the stained glass window depicting what seemed to be Lucifer’s fall from grace.
“I'm glad you like it.” Ruthven smiled.
“Like it?” Priscilla said. “I love it.” She squealed and grabbed Ruthven in a tight embrace. His grin remained and he slowly and awkwardly returned the hug. Clearly he wasn't used to that sort of behaviour.
“Wait!” Mary cried. “How on earth manage to buy all this stuff, let alone get it all set up in time.” She demanded from Ruthven, meanwhile Priscilla was zipping about the room like a cartoon character to inspect her new lair.
“Buy it.” Ruthven giggled. “My dear girl, I made all of this.”
“What! Come on, that's impossible.”
“Not at all. It was a simple task to research the modern vampire culture then to gather the materials, refine them and assemble them. Let me explain.” And he did just that at lightning speed. How he cut down and lugged back trees and used natural dies. How he melted down his silver coffin for the candle holders and sconces. How he made things that should have taken days, weeks or months to do in only a few hours. “After I finished I went to the library for an hour or so to catch up on everything I'd missed over the last two hundred years. The rest I was just waiting for you.”
Mary’s mouth was hanging open again. “So… so you really are.”
“Yes, I would have thought that Priscilla would have told you of my nature.”
“She did, but I didn't really believe her until now. I have to admit that you did a great job with this place.”
“Thank you, but I'm not finished yet. I still have to give you your presents.”
“Presents?” Priscilla appeared at his side with a gleaming smile. “I want presents.”
“Excellent. Please, stand back.”
As they did Ruthven pulled a white table cloth from his sleeve, and like a magician he whipped it to the side and back to reveal three coffins, each one with the initials of the new owner mounted on the lid in gold. On Clar’s smaller coffin sat a hand made vampire bat plushy. On Mary’s a Victorian style dress that looked made from the best materials lay ready to be worn. The girls’ jaws dropped at the sight of their gifts. Clar and Priscilla darted over to their gifts while Mary hesitantly crept over to hers.
“This is amazing.” Priscilla said as she inspected her new sleeping coffin.
“You have one more gift, my Queen.” Ruthven said as he leaned over her and pointed to the back of the room. Under the stained glass window of Lilith being coiled by a serpent was a large throne like something from the underworld. Two skulls were mounted within its armrests and one last one in the jaws of a bat in the back. With her jaw now dragging along floor Priscilla approached the throne, and the moment she sat down a shiver ran down Mary’s spine like an omen.
“I'm afraid I wasn't sure what to get you, young man. You don't seem to have the same interests as the rest of us.” Ruthven apologised to Chris.
“Don't worry about it. I'm not a vampire. And call me Chris.”
“Chris.” Ruthven smiled. “Ruthven, as I'm sure you know. I do have this.” Ruthven handed Chris a wad of cash from his pocket. “Perhaps you could find something you like.”
“Wow, there must be at least ten thousand pound here. How did you…?” Chris stopped. Best not to ask. “Thanks.”
“Think nothing of it.”
“These are pretty amazing.” Mary complimented warily as she held up her new dress. “And the piano?” She asked.
“Ah, that.” Ruthven smiled happily as he went over to it. “This is a little treat for myself.” He said as he took a seat in front of it. “I am a great lover of music, and have mastered many instruments, but the piano is by far my favourite.” Suddenly, he's fingers began to dance across the keys like ten ballerinas in a mad ballet, mesmerisingly fast. The song that sprang forth was like the night given a voice for all its horror and splendour. In those notes, perfectly timed and executed, light met darkness, death met life, and it was beautiful. The greatest pianists in the world would listen on with envy. He was the Devil playing the piano, and he had them in his thrall.
Carfax, Part 7: Multitalented
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I'm so sorry to my readers that it took me so long to get this part out, but I won't waste your time with excuses. Just know that I'm sorry.

Not much happening in this part except another demonstration of Ruthven's abilities. Things will certainly be livening up soon though.
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